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Kaylen Buschhorn

As an NCAA Division 3 athlete and avid spectator who loves women's sports I realized that there is a lack of exposure of women who are on professional sports teams and in admin and coaching positions. More Than Just Balls was created and aims to spotlight the women who are breaking the glass ceilings of the sports world.


Kobe Bryant’s Legacy and Impact on Women’s Sports

“Sport is the vehicle through which we change the world. The next generation is going to carry this world forward.“ - Kobe Bryant One year ago we lost a basketball legend, women’s sports fan, and most importantly a #girldad. Kobe’s impact on women’s sports has turned into his legacy. His contributions to women’s sports are still felt and prevalent today. Kobe was truly a champion of women’s sports and empowerment at every level of play. Kobe could be seen coaching his daughte