About Me

Kaylen Buschhorn

As an NCAA Division 3 athlete and avid spectator who loves women's sports I realized that there is a lack of exposure of women who are on professional sports teams and in admin and coaching positions. More Than Just Balls was created and aims to spotlight the women who are breaking the glass ceilings of the sports world.


Top 10 Moments of Women's Sports in 2020

WNBA ORANGE A FASHION TREND WNBA orange was the predominant sports fashion trend in 2020. Not only was it the best selling merchandise item in WNBA history, but the sweatshirt also became a popular pregame outfit across many professional sports leagues. Many sports stars could be seen rocking the orange including The NFL's Russell Wilson, and the NBA's LeBron James, Chris Paul, and many more players within the NBA Bubble. SARAH FULLER As she was packing up to go home for Than